Krill was a band from Boston, then NYC.

Krill's debut album Alam No Hris is celebrating its tenth birthday in 2022. With assistance from actual label Sipsman, the band’s fake label Sren Records has remastered Alam No Hris for the occasion and pressed it to vinyl for the very first time, available November 18, 2022 worldwide. Purchase today.

“Perhaps most impressively, Alam No Hris presents Krill as a band committed to everyday philosophy and ethics without navel-gazing. With no producer or high-tech recording equipment, it’s raw and loud, the sound of racing thoughts spiraling into numbness only to dip back into the moments—dropping the needle on a favorite album, finding a strand of your partner’s hair, letting a dog lick your palm—that make you feel like you’re actually living again.”  —Pitchfork

"'Solitaire,' a fan favorite from Alam No Hris, is proof of the band's early knack for making a song about malaise feel nearly anthemic; it highlights songwriter Jonah Furman's strength in crafting songs about the tiny personal anxieties that can often feel so big they blot out the sun. But it's also a song about how great music can be a weapon against all that stress." —NPR