Katie von Schleicher is a songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer living in Brooklyn.


Produced alongside Sam Owens (Sam Evian), A Little Touch of Schleicher in the Night was recorded with a bunch of poker buddies the two accumulated during the pandemic. Lyrically wry and classically lush with strings and horns, it’s a songwriter album that nuzzles up to the Arthur Russell and Kirsty MacColl LPs in one's record collection. In narrowing the gap between her personality and her songwriting, von Schleicher has made her most untroubled album.


“Katie von Schleicher runs her self-effacing bummer anthems through a filter of bright-eyed, '70s-style pop-rock.” —NPR

“Her decadent and intricate retro-revivalism feels synonymous with chrome finishes, the smell of leather interiors, and endless lonely stretches.” —Pitchfork

“enchanting off-kilter pop with endless twists and turns” —NME

Current projects ︎ Animal HospitalKatie von SchleicherNorth Americans •  POP Montréal • Truth Club