Animal Hospital is the musical recording and performance entity of Boston’s Kevin Micka.

Animal Hospital will return in 2023 with a new full-length via Sipsman, his first since 2020’s Fatigue (via Whited Sepulchre Records). 

In the meantime, the remainder of Animal Hospital’s discography is now available on all digital streaming services: March 2009’s Memory (originally released via Barge Recordings), February 2009’s Good or Plenty, Streets + Avenues (originally released via Mutable Sound), and January 2005’s Self Titled (originally released via Mister Records).

“Often starting with a bare skeleton of a song, he adds skin and muscle until it becomes a full, dense soundscape, in a process that feels more like sculpture than songcraft.” —Pitchfork

“Micka composes, produces, and performs his music alone, mining an intense beauty from repeated patterns and heavy drones. In a live setting, he loops intricate moving parts to achieve the work of dozens.” —Boston Globe

“In our current musical climate, where the phrase ‘post-rock’ is enough to send many running for the hills, Animal Hospital proves how effective and powerful sprawling guitar-centered instrumentals can still be” —Tiny Mix Tapes

Memory is a stunning and beautiful album, at times recalling the work of TNT-era Tortoise, while at others American Don, Discreet Music, Street Horrrsing, Ocean Songs.” —Cokemachineglow

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