Animal Hospital is the musical recording and performance entity of Boston’s Kevin Micka.


Shelf Life marks the proper return of Kevin Micka’s multifaceted and genre-defying Animal Hospital project, out November 03 on digital and vinyl via Sipsman. Pre-order the album today on vinyl via Bandcamp.

On “Awful Beast,” Micka builds the subject from the ground up, starting with the sound of marching hooves (made with an almond can connected to a contact mic) before moving onto its breath, sculpting aural bones, muscle, and flesh on top of one another until the creature is alive and seething.

“Often starting with a bare skeleton of a song, he adds skin and muscle until it becomes a full, dense soundscape, in a process that feels more like sculpture than songcraft.” —Pitchfork

“Micka composes, produces, and performs his music alone, mining an intense beauty from repeated patterns and heavy drones. In a live setting, he loops intricate moving parts to achieve the work of dozens.” —Boston Globe

“In our current musical climate, where the phrase ‘post-rock’ is enough to send many running for the hills, Animal Hospital proves how effective and powerful sprawling guitar-centered instrumentals can still be” —Tiny Mix Tapes

Memory is a stunning and beautiful album, at times recalling the work of TNT-era Tortoise, while at others American Don, Discreet Music, Street Horrrsing, Ocean Songs.” —Cokemachineglow

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