North Americans are a duo from Los Angeles and Portland.

The project of guitarist Patrick McDermott and pedal steel player Barry Walker Jr. will return on April 07 with Long Cool World via Third Man Records.


“Remaining steadfast in their own dharma of ‘simple music,’ McDermott and Walker unfold Long Cool World slowly, stretching time nearly to the point of dissolve, and usher new melodies like spring crocuses after a thaw.” —Aquarium Drunkard

“‘Classic Water,’ from Long Cool World out April 7, reassesses the duo's musical relationship. Gone are the guests that filled out the edges of [North Americans'] previous albums and, with it, a wallpapering sense of ambient layering. Instead, McDermott's fingerpicking bucks along at a low hum as Walker's pedal steel ornaments dots of melody. Everything's as gentle as a sunkissed stream, but the synths gurgling ominously just below the surface tint the go-easy atmosphere." —NPR

"top-drawer ambient Americana" —Uncut

"As North Americans, guitarists Patrick McDermott and Barry Walker come together to conjure earthy, Western vibes—the type of music that could score a hypothetical Alejandro Jodorowsky movie set in the Texas desert... Over the course of nine tracks, delicate pedal steel flourishes blossom and wither atop dubbed-out strums and intricate fingerpicking." —Bandcamp

"The last couple of records from North Americans have all been meditatively gorgeous essentials, but they seem to be setting the stage for the inviting ache of Long Cool World." —Raven Sings the Blues