Hallelujah The Hills is a band from Boston.

In October of 2022, long-running, HTH announced they were embarking on a project titled DECK—a 52-song, 4-album collection of music with an original song for each card in a deck of playing cards. Since then, they have been laying low, feverishly writing and recording songs, only sharing previews, updates, and clues on the Patreon they launched to help fund the endeavor.

Halfway through the process, and about a year away from the final release, the band is releasing a single this week from the DIAMONDS album titled “Alone, In Love.” The song will represent the 5 of Diamonds in the finished deck. This surprising single is at odds with itself in a beautiful, refreshing way; it’s chaos vs order, it’s Can vs. The Beach Boys, it’s “Alone, In Love.” Swirls of noise, guitars, violas, feedback, and samples build and build only to vanish every time the lush harmony choruses come crashing back onto the airtight rhythm section provided by bassist Joseph Marrett and drummer Ryan Connelly. Released December 8, 2023 via Discrete Pageantry Records.